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Where is it found?
As red wine is a rich source, many sources will reference it as "red wine polyphenols," "red-wine extract," etc. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misinformation, so you need to keep the following in mind when reviewing articles and marketing information about related products. As it is found in the skins of grapes, red wine will provide several times more resveratrol than white wine. Grape skins are not used in the production of white wine. Since it is produced within the grape skin in response to attack by specific molds, grapes and wine produced in moist, northern climates (where these fungi are more prevalent) yield more resveratrol. As it is vulnerable to fairly rapid destruction by light and oxygen, the fact that wine is stored in air-tight, cool conditions away from sun light protects the resveratrol content. Only immediately after a bottle of wine is opened is the maximum resveratrol potency available. Since making wine also involves the potential damage from alcohol and preservatives, many people prefer a dietary supplement source.
   Much of the resveratrol sold in supplement form is from the herb Polygonum cuspidatum which is available in various extract potencies, ranging from 5 percent to 50 percent.


Consuming or any other use of our herbs, oils, etc. for medicinal or other uses is done so at your own risk! We make no claims as to use of our herbs for any purpose. You are advised to use your own good sense and research before using herbs and oils. Any information provided is for historical reference only!


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