Stevia White Extract Powder 90% 16 OZ(1 Pound)

Stevia White Extract Powder 90% 16 OZ(1 Pound)

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Stevia Extract Powder

1 Pound


What is Stevia Extract? Stevia extract has zero calories and is commonly used as a sugar substitute. Stevia is much sweeter and has none of sugar's unhealthy drawbacks. Refined sugar has little nutritional value and represents empty calories in the diet. At least 150 species of stevia are believed to exist in North and South America. This extract is derived from Stevia rebaudiana, a herb in the chrysanthemum family that grows naturally as a small shrub in parts of South America. At full maturity the plant reaches a height of close to three feet. It is also known as sweetleaf and sugarleaf. In a 1982 study, more than 110 species of stevia were tested for their sweetness. Stevia rebaudiana was found to be the sweetest, although 18 other species were found to also exhibit a sweet taste. Researchers in the study also made an interesting observation - they found fragments of a 62-year-old leaf that exhibited potent sweetness. This indicates that the chemicals within this herb are very stable and have the ability to withstand time and drying. The green leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant contain the glycosides stevioside and rebaudioside. Stevioside, as a sweetener, is estimated to be between 250 and 300 times as sweet as table sugar (sucrose), making it unique among the hundreds of species of stevia plants. Stevia been used in food applications as a prepackaged replacement for sugar and artificial sweeteners. It has been used in various food products, including the Japanese sugar-free versions of chewing gum, Beatrice Foods® yogurts and even Diet Coke®. It has also been used in Japanese-style pickles, dried seafoods, fish meat products, vegetables and seafoods boiled down with soy sauce, as well as confections and a host of other products. Stevia is able to perform a number of other beneficial tasks. For example, it has been shown that stevia may enhance mood and increase energy levels and mental alertness. The cosmetic industry also employs the use of stevia in many of its available skin care products. Health Benefits of Stevia Stevia is a natural herbal sweetening agent without the calories of typical table sugar. Because the human body does not metabolize the sweet glycosides (they pass right through the normal elimination channels), the body obtains no calories from the extract. Since it is not processed in the same way as sugar, stevia may be used freely as a sugar alternative by both diabetics and hypoglycemics. For people with blood sugar, blood pressure or weight problems, stevia is among the most desirable sweeteners. Stevia inhibits the growth and reproduction of some bacteria and other infectious organisms, including bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Many people report significant improvement in oral health after adding stevia concentrate to their toothpaste and using it, diluted in water, as a daily mouthwash. Stevia extract is a great alternative to synthetic sweeteners, and it can also be easily blended with other sweeteners, such as honey. It is heat stable and can be used for cooking and baking. The Guarani Indians of South America call this herb "Ka-Hee" and have enjoyed the benefits of stevia for centuries. Purity and Concentration of Stevia Stevia Extract 90% is a pure extract derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant. It contains NO fillers, taste additives or anti-caking agents. It is assayed by the manufacturer to contain at least 90% steviosides and 20% rebaudiosides (active components). This product is 90% pure stevia extract powder unlike most stevia products that have already been diluted. It has a slight aftertaste common for real stevia and should be used in small amounts since it is so pure! Suggested Use of Stevia Stevia is EXTREMELY sweet so a VERY small amount is all you need to sweeten a chosen beverage. You'll need to experiment to discover your personal taste equivalency, but somewhere around 1/32nd teaspoon (39 milligrams) will be approximately equivalent to 1 ounce of sugar in your favorite recipes.

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