Black Ethiopian Resin Incense Blend 1 OZ

Black Ethiopian Resin Incense Blend 1 OZ

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Black Ethiopian Resin Blend 1 OZ

Great For burning on charcoal!

Packed in Heat Sealed Re-Closable Bag

Black Ethiopian all natural incense resin. Meditation, protection, and magickal power. How to burn resins: The charcoals used to burn resins get very hot. Use a burner made for resin incense. Light the charcoal with a lighter or match, when it starts to spark, put it in the burner. Let the whole charcoal begin to glow hot before adding any resin. Then sprinkle on the resin as desired, a little bit at a time. If you add too much or cover the charcoal completely, you might put out the charcoal. Also, most natural resin incenses smell better when burned in small amounts at a time. Keep away from kids and pets. Let the charcoal burn down completely, make sure it's all ash before throwing out because it could set trash on fire. Store unused charcoal in a zip-lock bag or in a jar, because they won't burn well if they collect humidity from the air.

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