Angelica Root Cut 16 OZ (1 Pound)

Angelica Root Cut 16 OZ (1 Pound)

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1 Pound of Angelica Root Cut Dried


Angelica Archangelica

Scientific Name: Angelica officinalis

Family: Umbelliferae, Angelica Sinensis, Carrot

AKA: Angelica, Dong-Quai, Dong-Quei, Archangelica Officinalis, Dang-Qui, Dong-Quai, Tang-Huei, Garden Angelica

Parts Used: From the hip to the head of the roots, leaves, and seeds.

Active Compounds: Bergapten, Borneol, Coumarins, Linalool. Contains 1% volatile oil, angelic acid, sugar, resin, valeric acid, and bitter principle. Oil of the seeds contains methyl-ethylacetic acid and hydroxymyristic acid. Angelica balsam is derived from the roots.


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