Copal Resin Tears 16 OZ  (1 Pound) Mexico

Copal Resin Tears 16 OZ (1 Pound) Mexico

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Mexican Copal 16 OZ

Great For Soaps or incense!

Nice and Chunky!


Copal resin has been used ritually by Mesoamericans for centuries. Crystallized copal resin chunks are placed on burning charcoal which produces a thick, sweet smoke. Copal resin is traditionally burned in protection, cleansing and purification ceremonies. Large amounts of Copal Incense were burned on top of the Aztec and Mayan pyramids. This is a non-combustible resin incense, which means heat must be applied to release its fragrance (usually with a self-lighting charcoal tablet). To use incense, ignite a charcoal tablet and place in a heat-proof container. Grind the incense to a fine powder and sprinkle on the glowing tablet.

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