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Fenugreek Seed Whole

  1 Pound

Trigonella foenum-gra.

Origin India

This is the whole seed form used in cooking or for making the powder

Fenugreek is a plant grown for its herbal uses as well as for the seeds, which are a spice and have medicinal properties. Fenugreek is best known for its use in curry. The fenugreek seed is yellow in color and is often made into a powder before use, but the whole seeds are also used in cooking. Common uses for whole seeds include as a pickling additive, and for flavor in some Indian food dishes. Fenugreek seed powder is often categorized as a spice. It is also often referred to as bird's foot, its most common name.

Fenugreek is grown worldwide but mainly found in the Mediterranean region, the Ukraine, India and China. It is very popular in India where it plays a large part in the flavor of the cuisine. It is common for the seeds to be used to make tea in Egypt.



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