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   Dulse Powder

1 Pound

Rhodymenia palmata

Origin USA!


  1. Origins

    • Dulse grows on rocks within Northwest Pacific and North Atlantic intertidal and deep ocean waters. Its red, brown, and purple fronds extend from 30 to 300 millimeters. Harvesters collect dulse between June and September, sun-drying dulse before grinding the freshly dehydrated seaweed into reddish-brown powder.


    • Consumers commonly use dulse powder as a low-sodium salt alternative in soups, salads, and stir-fry dishes. The seaweed bears a rich nutritional profile; every 100 g of dulse powder provides 21.5 g protein, 7820 mg potassium, 213 mg calcium, and 33.1 mg iron. Dulse also contains essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, vitamin E, B-vitamins, zinc, copper and fluoride.



Consuming or any other use of our herbs, oils, etc. for medicinal or other uses is done so at your own risk! We make no claims as to use of our herbs for any purpose. You are advised to use your own good sense and research before using herbs and oils. Any information provided is for historical reference only!


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